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I'm Unlucky, an aspiring cartoonist and voice actor.
It's nice to meet you!

I'm always open for an excuse to use my voice!
If you're looking for a voice actress or a singer for any sort of project, I'm happy to be of service!

Anonymous said: Real talk: You're one of my inspirations for wanting to become a voice actor and I look up to you so much

Ah—Ah-aaaah… ah gosh…

Is this real talk?  Like, a human being is saying this to me???

Oh wow…

I feel like I’ve hit a milestone oh wow….thankyou…

kurikurimix49 said: You are the one of the best Roxy voice actors by far.

Thank you!  It’s been so long and that you would still think that.

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said: This is going to be a really awkwardly phrased compliment but here it goes. There are certain words that when I think about them, what comes to my mind is thought in one of the voices you do for the Lalondes. -sorry.

Ahhh!  No that’s really nice actually! 

The thought that someone even thinks of me for some reason like that is so flattering gosh….!

iplemons said: who are you gonna marry in harvest moon? I married Neil and Rod. Also I'm pretty sure Rod has a wet dream about you when you start dating him. "I had a dream about you..what kind of dream? UHH I CANT TELL YOU THAT"

I picked Sanjay!

He’s sweet and polite, and I like how, through dating your character, he learns to have his own emotions and desires—rather than just representing Amir’s.  It’s a lovely character arch.

Rod was a close second choice though!  I like him so much I’m considering replaying it sometime just for him.